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Action on claim not acted onContribution.

If, after the accounts of the personal representative have been settled and the property distributed, it shall appear that there is a creditor or creditors whose claim or claims have been duly filed and not paid or disallowed, the said claim or claims shall not be a lien upon any of the property distributed, but the said creditor or creditors shall have a cause of action against the personal representative and his or her bond, for such an amount as such creditor or creditors would have been entitled to receive had the said claim been duly allowed and paid, and shall also have a cause of action against the distributees and creditors for a contribution from them in proportion to the amount which they have received. If the personal representative or his or her sureties be required to make any payment in this section provided for, he or she or they shall have a right of action against said distributees and creditors to compel them to contribute their just share.
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