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Continuance to cite in sureties on bond when account incorrect.

If, at any hearing upon any report of any personal representative, it shall appear to the court before which said proceeding is pending that said personal representative has not fully accounted to the beneficiaries of his or her trust and that said report should not be approved as rendered, the court may continue said hearing to a day certain and may cite the surety upon the bond of said personal representative to appear upon the date fixed in said citation and show cause why the account should not be disapproved and judgment entered for any deficiency against said personal representative and the surety upon his or her bond. Said citation shall be personally served upon said surety in the manner provided by law for the service of summons in civil actions and shall be served not less than twenty days previous to said hearing. At said hearing any interested party, including the surety so cited, shall have the right to introduce any evidence which shall be material to the matter before the court. If, at said hearing, the report of said personal representative shall not be approved and the court shall find that said personal representative is indebted to the beneficiary of his or her trust in any amount, the court may thereupon enter final judgment against said personal representative and the surety upon his or her bond, which judgment shall be enforceable in the same manner and to the same extent as judgments in ordinary civil actions.
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