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Uncollectible debtsLiabilityPurchase of claims by personal representative.

No personal representative shall be accountable for any debts due the estate, if it shall appear that they remain uncollected without his or her fault. No personal representative shall purchase any claim against the estate he or she represents, but the personal representative may make application to the court for permission to purchase certain claims, and if it appears to the court to be for the benefit of the estate that such purchase shall be made, the court may make an order allowing such claims and directing that the same may be purchased by the personal representative under such terms as the court shall order, and such claims shall thereafter be paid as are other claims, but the personal representative shall not profit thereby.
[ 2010 c 8 § 2037; 1965 c 145 § 11.48.080. Prior: 1917 c 156 § 157; RRS § 1527; prior: Code 1881 § 1540; 1854 p 295 § 163.]


Request for special notice of proceedings in probateProhibitions: RCW 11.28.240.
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