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Revocation of lettersCauses.

Whenever the court has reason to believe that any personal representative has wasted, embezzled, or mismanaged, or is about to waste, or embezzle the property of the estate committed to his or her charge, or has committed, or is about to commit a fraud upon the estate, or is incompetent to act, or is permanently removed from the state, or has wrongfully neglected the estate, or has neglected to perform any acts as such personal representative, or for any other cause or reason which to the court appears necessary, it shall have power and authority, after notice and hearing to revoke such letters. The manner of the notice and of the service of the same and of the time of hearing shall be wholly in the discretion of the court, and if the court for any such reasons revokes such letters the powers of such personal representative shall at once cease, and it shall be the duty of the court to immediately appoint some other personal representative, as in this title provided.


Absentee estates, removal of trustee: RCW 11.80.060.
Accounting on revocation of letters: RCW 11.28.290.
Cancellation of letters of administration: RCW 11.28.160.
Effect on compensation of personal representative who fails to discharge duties: RCW 11.48.210.
Notice to creditors when personal representative removedLimit tolled by vacancy: RCW 11.40.150.
Revocation of letters
by discovery of will: RCW 11.28.150.
upon conviction of crime or becoming of unsound mind: RCW 11.36.010.
Successor personal representative: RCW 11.28.280.
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