Chapter 11.125 RCW



11.125.010Short title2016 c 209.
11.125.040Power of attorneyTermination.
11.125.050Power of attorneyRequirements.
11.125.060Power of attorneyValidity.
11.125.070Power of attorneyMeaning and effect.
11.125.080Guardian of principal's estate or person.
11.125.090Power of attorneyWhen effectivePrincipal's personal representative for health care.
11.125.100Power of attorney terminationAgent authority termination.
11.125.110CoagentsSuccessor agentsLiability.
11.125.120Reimbursement of expenses for agents.
11.125.130Accepting appointment as an agent.
11.125.150Power of attorney provisions relieving agent liabilityWhen allowed.
11.125.160Court petitionWho may fileReasons may file.
11.125.170Chapter violationsAgent liability.
11.125.180Agent resignationProcedure.
11.125.190Acknowledged power of attorneyWhen may rely uponCertification or translation request.
11.125.200Acknowledged power of attorneyAcceptanceRefusal to accept.
11.125.210Principles of law and equitySupplemental to chapter.
11.125.220Conflicting laws.
11.125.230RemediesNot exclusive.
11.125.240AgentAuthority over principal's property.
11.125.250AgentGeneral authorityWhen createdWhen can be modified.
11.125.260Agent authorityGeneral powers.
11.125.270Agent authorityReal property.
11.125.280Agent authorityTangible personal property.
11.125.290Agent authorityStocks, bonds, and financial instruments.
11.125.300Agent authorityBanks and financial institutions.
11.125.310Agent authorityOperation of a business or entity.
11.125.320Agent authorityInsurance and annuities.
11.125.330Agent authorityEstates, trusts, and other beneficial interests.
11.125.340Agent authorityClaims and litigation.
11.125.350Agent authorityPersonal and family maintenance.
11.125.360Agent authorityGovernment program and civil and military service benefits.
11.125.370Agent authorityRetirement benefits and deferred compensation.
11.125.380Agent authorityTaxes.
11.125.390Agent authorityGifts.
11.125.400Agent authorityHealth care.
11.125.410Agent authorityPrincipal's minor children.
11.125.420Death with dignity act.
11.125.430Agent's certification formPower of attorney and agent authority validity.
11.125.900ApplicationUniformity2016 c 209.
11.125.901Federal law applicationFederal electronic signatures in global and national commerce act2016 c 209.
11.125.902ApplicationDates2016 c 209.
11.125.903Effective date2016 c 209.
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