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Unlawful receipt of public assistanceDeduction from subsequent assistance paymentsRestitution payments.

(1) When a superior court has, as a condition of the sentence for a person convicted of the unlawful receipt of public assistance, ordered restitution to the state of that overpayment or a portion thereof:
(a) The department of social and health services shall deduct the overpayment from subsequent assistance payments as provided in RCW 43.20B.630, when the person is receiving public assistance; or
(b) Ordered restitution payments may be made at the direction of the court to the clerk of the appropriate county or directly to the department of social and health services when the person is not receiving public assistance.
(2) However, if payments are received by the county clerk, each payment shall be transmitted to the department of social and health services within forty-five days after receipt by the county.


Savings1987 c 75: See RCW 43.20B.900.
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