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Blue alert systemPlanActivationTermination.

(1) Within existing resources, the Washington state patrol, in partnership with the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs, shall develop and implement a plan, commonly known as a blue alert system, consistent with the Amber alert program, endangered missing person advisory plan, and the missing person clearinghouse, for voluntary cooperation between local, state, tribal, and other law enforcement agencies, state government agencies, radio and television stations, and cable and satellite systems to enhance the public's ability to assist in apprehending persons suspected of killing or seriously injuring a law enforcement officer. The blue alert system shall include the following:
(a) Procedures to provide support to the investigating law enforcement agency as a resource for the receipt and dissemination of information regarding the suspect and the suspect's whereabouts and/or method of escape;
(b) The process for reporting the information to designated media outlets in Washington; and
(c) Criteria for the investigating law enforcement agency to determine quickly whether an officer has been seriously injured or killed and a blue alert therefore needs to be requested.
(2) The investigating law enforcement agency may request activation of the blue alert system and notify appropriate participants in the blue alert system, when the investigating law enforcement agency believes that:
(a) A suspect has not been apprehended;
(b) A suspect may be a serious threat to the public;
(c) Sufficient information is available to disseminate to the public that could assist in locating and apprehending the suspect;
(d) Release of the information will not compromise the investigation; and
(e) Criteria to ensure that releasing the victim information is proper, as to avoid improper next of kin notification.
(3) When a blue alert is activated, the investigating law enforcement agency shall provide descriptive information under the criminal justice information act, chapter 10.98 RCW, and the national crime information center system.
(4) The investigating law enforcement agency shall terminate the blue alert with respect to a particular suspect when the suspect is located or the incident is otherwise resolved, or when the investigating law enforcement agency determines that the blue alert system is no longer an effective tool for locating and apprehending the suspect.
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