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EntitiesJudgment against.

(1) An entity convicted of an offense may be ordered to pay legal financial obligations, including restitution, crime victims' assessments, costs, fines, penalties, and other assessments authorized or required by law. Legal financial obligations imposed upon an entity shall be entered and docketed by the clerk, or district or municipal court as a judgment against the entity, and it shall be of the same force and effect and be enforced against such entity in the same manner as a judgment in a civil action. Notwithstanding any other provisions pertaining to legal financial obligations, all legal financial obligations imposed in a judgment against an entity under this section bear interest from the date of the judgment until payment at the rate applicable to civil judgments under RCW 4.56.110. When an entity is ordered to pay restitution, payments to the clerk must be distributed to restitution prior to all other obligations.
(2) Except as otherwise provided under subsection (1) of this section, payments on legal financial obligations must be collected and distributed according to the requirements under RCW 3.50.100, 3.62.020, 3.62.040, 9.92.070, 9.94A.760, 10.01.160, 10.01.170, 10.01.180, 10.46.190, 10.64.015, 10.73.160, 10.82.090, 35.20.220, and any other sections applicable to legal financial obligations imposed as a result of a criminal conviction.
(3) For the purposes of this section, "entity" has the same meaning as provided in RCW 9A.08.030.


Short title2019 c 211: "This act shall be known and cited as the corporate crime act." [ 2019 c 211 § 1.]
Intent1987 c 202: See note following RCW 2.04.190.
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