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Numbering system adoptedApplication.

The system of numbering employed in the 1950 supplement is hereby adopted as the general system to be followed in designating sections of the revised code. Specific numbers, in accordance with such system, are authorized to be assigned to sections of the revised code as follows:
Those chapters and sections of the revised code expressly numbered or renumbered in the 1950 supplement are authorized to be numbered or renumbered to the new number respectively shown in the 1950 supplement. All other sections of the revised code now existing are authorized to be renumbered by tens according to the plan generally used in the 1950 supplement, using the number of the title, the new number, if any, of the chapter in which the section occurs, and adding the digit "0" to the terminal end of the number marking the position of the section within the chapter. The secretary of state shall, before publication of any laws enacted at this session of the legislature which are by their terms expressly amendatory of any section or sections contained in the revised code or the 1950 supplement, renumber each section and correlate the numbers of sections so renumbered, in accordance with this provision, so that each such section when published bears or is referred to by its proper new number. The secretary of state, in publishing the session laws of this thirty-second session of the legislature shall use therein the applicable new numbers of the respective sections so renumbered.
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