Chapter 11.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.08.101Property of deceased inmates of state institutionsDisposition after two years.
HTMLPDF 11.08.111Property of deceased inmates of state institutionsDisposition within two years.
HTMLPDF 11.08.120Property of deceased inmates of state institutionsSaleDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 11.08.140Escheat for want of heirs.
HTMLPDF 11.08.150Title to property vests in state at death of owner.
HTMLPDF 11.08.160Department of revenueJurisdictionDuties.
HTMLPDF 11.08.170Probate of escheat propertyNotice to department of revenue.
HTMLPDF 11.08.180Department of revenue to be furnished copies of documents and pleadings.
HTMLPDF 11.08.185Escheat propertyRecords of department of revenuePublic record information.
HTMLPDF 11.08.200Liability for use of escheated property.
HTMLPDF 11.08.205Lease, sublease, or rental of escheated real propertyAuthorizedExpensesDistribution of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 11.08.210Allowance of claims, expenses, partial feesSale of propertyDecree of distribution.
HTMLPDF 11.08.220Certified copies of decreeDepartment of natural resources duties.
HTMLPDF 11.08.230Appearance and claim of heirsNotices to department of revenue.
HTMLPDF 11.08.240Limitation on filing claim.
HTMLPDF 11.08.250Order of court on establishment of claimParklandsAppraisal.
HTMLPDF 11.08.260Payment of escheated funds to claimant.
HTMLPDF 11.08.270Conveyance of escheated property to claimant.
HTMLPDF 11.08.280Limitation when claimant is minor or incompetent not under guardianship.
HTMLPDF 11.08.290Deposit of cash received by personal representative of escheat estate.
HTMLPDF 11.08.300Transfer of property to department of revenue.


Action to recover property forfeited to state: RCW 7.56.120.
Banks, disposition of unclaimed personalty: RCW 30A.44.150, 30A.44.180 through 30A.44.230.
Escheat of postal savings system accounts: Chapter 63.48 RCW.
Permanent common school fund, escheats as source of: RCW 28A.515.300.
Revised uniform unclaimed property act: Chapter 63.30 RCW.
Savings and loan associations, escheats: RCW 33.20.130, 33.40.110.
Social security benefits, payment to survivors or secretary of social and health services: RCW 11.66.010.
State land acquired by escheat, management: RCW 79.10.030.
Unclaimed estate, disposition: RCW 11.76.220.