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WAC 434-112-080

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In-person or expedited serviceSpecial fees.

(1) In-person service is available at the division's counter which is open for all program service requests from 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. each business day. The fee for in-person expedited service is fifty dollars plus any transaction fee.
(a) The division is unable to guarantee same day processing of any filing or request submitted in-person after 4:30 p.m. on that day.
(b) There is no in-person expedited service fee for documents dropped off in-person for processing with nonexpedited documents received that day.
(c) There is no in-person expedited service fee for photocopies requested in-person.
(2) Expedited service requests, including online services, will be completed within two working days of submission or as soon thereafter as possible, depending on volume received. Expedited service is available on:
(a) All paper documents submitted to our office by fax or mail for filing relating to any division program;
(b) Document copying from microfilmed records; and
(c) Certification and status certificates.
(3) The fee for expedited service is fifty dollars for single or multiple transactions on paper within each new or existing division program file. In addition, the filing fee for each transaction will apply. If an online filing is subsequently filed in person, an additional paper expedite fee is required.
(4) The filing party may indicate that expedited processing is requested by placing the word "expedite" in bold letters on either the envelope, the face of the document to be filed, or on any cover letter submitted with the document.
(5) Documents submitted via fax will receive expedited processing if accompanied by the expedite service fee. Otherwise, they will be processed with nonexpedited documents received the same day.
(6) Services may be limited under extraordinary circumstances.
(a) Over-the-counter service hours may be shortened under extraordinary circumstances.
(b) Separate over-the-counter requests by one person may be limited to those relating to three entities per transaction.
(7) Emergency services outside regular business hours requiring employee overtime are one hundred fifty dollars per hour plus transaction fees due on any filing. When the division receives a request for emergency services, staff will notify the customer of the service fee and any other reasonable conditions set by the director. The customer must agree to pay the fees or have received a fee waiver before emergency services are provided.
(8) A customer may make alternate arrangements with the director prior to bringing or sending in documents, if a sudden, unexpected situation occurs during the business day.
(9) A customer may submit a written request asking the secretary to waive emergency or penalty fees, which must include the special circumstances justifying the fee waiver. The secretary will make the determination to waive fees or not.
(10) In-person expedited service fees are not refundable.
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