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WAC 246-817-160

Agency filings affecting this section

Graduates of nonaccredited schools.

The following requirements apply to persons who are graduates of dental schools or colleges not accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Accreditation.
(1) A person who has been issued a degree of doctor of dental medicine or doctor of dental surgery by a nonaccredited dental school listed by the World Health Organization, or by a nonaccredited dental school approved by the DQAC, shall be eligible to take the examination in the theory and practice of the science of dentistry upon furnishing all of the following:
(a) Certified copies of dental school diplomas.
(b) Official dental school transcripts.
(c) Proof of identification by an appropriate governmental agency. Alternate arrangements may be made for political refugees.
(d) Effective February 1, 1985, satisfactory evidence of the successful completion of at least two additional predoctoral or postdoctoral academic years of dental school education at a dental school approved pursuant to WAC 246-817-110(2) and a certification by the dean of that school that the candidate has achieved the same level of didactic and clinical competence as expected of a graduate of that school.
(2) Upon completion of the requirements in subsection (1) of this section, an applicant under this section shall be allowed to take the examination pursuant to WAC 246-817-120 and shall be subject to the applicable provisions of WAC 246-817-110. This rule supersedes WAC 246-818-090 which provided applicants one opportunity to take and pass the clinical (practical) examination, in 1985, without meeting the postgraduate training requirement.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.32.035. WSR 95-21-041, ยง 246-817-160, filed 10/10/95, effective 11/10/95.]