Chapter 200-100 WAC

Last Update: 2/18/14


WAC Sections

Preamble and authority.
Standards for operation and managementRules for individual self-insurance program.
Standards for operation and managementRules for joint self-insurance programs.
Standards for operationMembership.
Standards for operationProviding services to nonmembers.
Standards for operationCommunication with membersAnnual membership report.
Standards for operationsMeetings.
Standards for operationNotice of regular meetings of the governing body.
Standards for operationSpecial meetingsNotice to members.
Standards for operationsMeeting agendasMeeting minutes.
Standards for operationNotification of changes to bylaws or foundation agreement.
Standards for operationChanges to foundation agreement.
Standards for operationElections of the governing body.
Standards for management and operationAdoption of program.
Standards for solvencyActuarially determined liabilities, program funding and liquidity requirements.
Standards for management and operationsIndividual rate settingNondiscrimination in joint program assessments.
Standards for operationsDisclosures.
Standards for operationsStandards for solvencyTermination provisions.
Standards for management and operationsFinancial plans.
Standards for managementStandards for contractsThird-party administrator contracts.
Standards for management and operationsPreparation for incorporation of nonprofit corporation members.
Standards for operation and managementRisk management.
Standards for claims managementClaims administration.
Standards for management and operationsState risk manager reports.
Standards for operationsProgram changesNotification to the state risk manager.
Standards for management and operationsConflict of interest.
Standards for operationsState risk managerExpense and operating cost fees.
Standards for operationsAppeals of fees.
Standards for operationsAppeals of cease and desist orders.
Standards for contractsCompetitive solicitation standards for consultant contracts.
Standards for contractsStandards for operationPurchases of goods and services not related to claims.