Chapter 77.65 RCW


Commercial licenses and permits requiredExemption.
Transfer of licensesRestrictionsFeesInheritability.
Commercial licenses and permitsApplication deadlineException.
Commercial licensesQualificationsLimited-entry licenseNonsalmon delivery license.
Application for commercial licenses and permitsReplacement.
No commercial fishery during yearLicense requirement waived or license fees refunded.
Licensees subject to statute and rulesLicenses not subject to security interest or lienExpiration and renewal of licenses.
License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
Vessel substitutionFees.
Vessel designation.
Alternate operator designationFees.
Sale or delivery of food fish or shellfishConditionsCharter boat operation.
Vessel operationLicense designationAlternate operator license required.
Alternate operatorsIncrease for certain licenses.
Charter licenses and angler permitsFees"Charter boat" definedOregon charter boatsSalmon charter license renewal.
Commercial salmon fishery licensesGear and geographic designationsFees.
Salmon delivery licenseFeesRestrictionsRevocation.
Oregon, California harvested salmonLanding in Washington ports encouraged.
Emergency salmon delivery licenseFeesNontransferable, nonrenewable.
Commercial fishery licenses for food fish fisheriesFeesRules for species, gear, and areas.
Nonlimited entry delivery licenseLimitationsFees.
Commercial fishery licenses for shellfish fisheriesFeesRules for species, gear, and areas.
Surcharge on Dungeness crab-coastal fishery license and Dungeness crab-coastal class B fishery licenseCoastal crab account.
Hardshell clam mechanical harvester fishery license.
State oyster reservesOyster reserve fishery license.
Oyster cultch permit.
Wholesale fish dealer's licenseFeesExemption.
Wholesale fish dealer licensesDisplay.
Wholesale fish dealer may be a fish buyer.
Wholesale fish dealersDocumentation of commercial harvest.
Wholesale fish dealersPerformance bond.
Wholesale fish dealersPerformance bondPayment of liability.
Fish buyer's licenseFees.
Salmon charter crewmemberSalmon roe licenseSale of salmon roeConditions.
License fee increasesDisposition.
Food fish guide licenseGame fish guide license.
Ocean pink shrimpDefined.
Ocean pink shrimpDelivery licenseFees.
Emerging commercial fisheryTrial or experimental fisheryLicenses and permits.
Geoduck diver licenseFeeExpirationSafety program.
Wild salmonid policyEstablishment.
Wild salmonid policyManagement strategies and gear types.
Alternate operatorGeoduck diverFood fish guideFees.
Trapper's licenseFees.
Trapper's licenseTraining program or examination requisite for issuance to initial licensee.
Taxidermist, fur dealer, game fish guide, game farmer, anadromous game fish buyerLicensesFeesFish stocking and game contest permits.
Activities requiring license/permit.
Reports required from persons with licenses or permits under RCW 77.65.480.
Direct retail endorsementFeesResponsibilities of holder and alternate operators.
Direct retail endorsementRequirements.
Direct retail endorsementComplianceViolationsSuspension.
Washington-coastal spot shrimp pot fishery license.
Revocation of geoduck diver license.
Application for food fish guide license/game fish guide licenseRequired information.
Suspension of charter boat, food fish guide, or game fish guide licenseAppeal.
Identifying decal for food fish guides, game fish guides, and charter boat operators.
Fish guide combination licenseRule makingFee.
Return of certain licenses upon termination of employment relationship.
Crewmember licenseRequirementsFeeExemptions.
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