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RCW 67.08.100

Annual licenses—Fees—Qualifications—Revocation—Exceptions.

*** CHANGE IN 2018 *** (SEE 1169-S3.SL) ***

(1) The department upon receipt of a properly completed application and payment of a nonrefundable fee, may grant an annual license to an applicant for the following: (a) Promoter; (b) manager; (c) boxer; (d) second; (e) wrestling participant; (f) inspector; (g) judge; (h) timekeeper; (i) announcer; (j) event physician; (k) event chiropractor; (l) referee; (m) matchmaker; (n) kickboxer; (o) martial arts participant; (p) training facility; (q) amateur sanctioning organization; and (r) theatrical wrestling school.
(2) The application for the following types of licenses includes a physical performed by a physician, as defined in RCW 67.08.002, which was performed by the physician with a time period preceding the application as specified by rule: (a) Boxer; (b) wrestling participant; (c) kickboxer; (d) martial arts participant; and (e) referee.
(3) An applicant for the following types of licenses for the sports of boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts must provide annual proof of certification as having adequate experience, skill, and training from an organization approved by the department, including, but not limited to, the association of boxing commissions, the international boxing federation, the international boxing organization, the Washington state association of professional ring officials, the world boxing association, the world boxing council, or the world boxing organization for boxing officials, and the united full contact federation for kickboxing and martial arts officials: (a) Judge; (b) referee; (c) inspector; (d) timekeeper; or (e) other officials deemed necessary by the department.
(4) No person may participate or serve in any of the above capacities unless licensed as provided in this chapter.
(5) The referees, judges, timekeepers, event physicians, chiropractors, and inspectors for any boxing, kickboxing, or martial arts event must be designated by the department from among licensed officials.
(6) The referee for any wrestling event must be provided by the promoter and must be licensed as a wrestling participant.
(7) The department must immediately suspend the license or certificate of a person who has been certified pursuant to RCW 74.20A.320 by the department of social and health services as a person who is not in compliance with a support order. If the person has continued to meet all other requirements for reinstatement during the suspension, reissuance of the license or certificate is automatic upon the department's receipt of a release issued by the department of social and health services stating that the licensee is in compliance with the order.
(8) The director must suspend the license of any person who has been certified by a lending agency and reported to the director for nonpayment or default on a federally or state-guaranteed educational loan or service-conditional scholarship. Prior to the suspension, the agency must provide the person an opportunity for a brief adjudicative proceeding under RCW 34.05.485 through 34.05.494 and issue a finding of nonpayment or default on a federally or state-guaranteed educational loan or service-conditional scholarship. The person's license may not be reissued until the person provides the director a written release issued by the lending agency stating that the person is making payments on the loan in accordance with a repayment agreement approved by the lending agency. If the person has continued to meet all other requirements for licensure during the suspension, reinstatement is automatic upon receipt of the notice and payment of any reinstatement fee the director may impose.
(9) A person may not be issued a license if the person has an unpaid fine outstanding to the department.
(10) A person may not be issued a license unless they are at least eighteen years of age.
(11)(a) This section does not apply to:
(i) Contestants or participants in events at which only amateurs are engaged in contests;
(ii) Wrestling participants engaged in training or a wrestling show at a theatrical wrestling school; and
(iii) Fraternal organizations and/or veterans' organizations chartered by congress or the defense department, excluding any recognized amateur sanctioning body recognized by the department.
(b) Upon request of the department, a promoter, contestant, or participant must provide sufficient information to reasonably determine whether this chapter applies.
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