Chapter 49.17 RCW


Legislative findings and intentDefinition of agriculture.
Application of chapterFees and charges.
Rules and regulationsAuthorityProcedure.
Agricultural safety standardsLimitation on adopting or establishing between January 1, 1995, through January 15, 1996Requirements.
Rules and regulationsGuidelinesStandards.
WISHA advisory committeeAppointment of membersDutiesTerms, compensation, and expenses.
EmployerGeneral safety standardCompliance.
Right of entryInspections and investigationsSubpoenasContempt.
Search warrants.
Variance from safety and health standardsApplicationContentsProcedure.
Variance from safety and health standardsNoticeHearingOrderModification or revocation.
InspectionEmployer and employee representatives.
Compliance by employeeViolationsNoticeReview.
ViolationsDangerous conditionsCitations and orders of immediate restraintRestraintsRestraining orders.
Appeal to boardNotification of assessment of penaltyFinal orderProcedureRedeterminationHearingRules.
Appeal to superior courtReview or enforcement of orders.
Discrimination against employee filing complaint, instituting proceedings, or testifying prohibitedProcedureRemedy.
InjunctionsTemporary restraining orders.
ViolationsCivil penalties.
ViolationsCriminal penalties.
ConfidentialityTrade secrets.
Research, experiments, and demonstrations for safety purposesConfidentiality of informationVariances.
RecordsReportsNotice to employee exposed to harmful materials.
Compliance with federal actAgreements and acceptance of grants authorized.
Safety and health standards.
Safety and health investment projectsGrants or contractsRules.
Voluntary compliance programConsultation and advisory services.
Administration of chapter.
Agricultural workers and handlers of agricultural pesticidesCoordination of regulation and enforcement with department of agriculture.
Medical monitoringRecords on covered pesticidesReports.
Cholinesterase monitoringReports.
Temporary worker housingElectricityStorage, handling, preparation of foodRules.
Temporary worker housingLicensing, operation, and inspectionRulesDefinition.
Temporary worker housing operation standardsDepartments' agreementEnforcementDefinition.
Ergonomics InitiativeIntent.
Ergonomics InitiativeDefinitionRule repeal.
Construction crane safetyDefinitions.
Construction crane safetyApplication.
Construction crane certification programRulesCertificate of operation.
Qualified construction crane operatorsRulesApprentice operators or traineesReciprocity.
Construction crane safetyRulesImplementation.
Handling hazardous drugsHealth care facilitiesRules.
Short title.
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