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Chapter 18.71 RCW


RCW Sections

18.71.003Declaration of purpose.
18.71.011Definition of practice of medicine -- Engaging in practice of chiropractic prohibited, when.
18.71.015Commission established -- Membership -- Qualifications -- Duties and powers -- Compensation -- Order of removal -- Vacancies.
18.71.017Rules by commission -- Successor to other boards.
18.71.019Application of Uniform Disciplinary Act -- Request for review of revocation order.
18.71.0195Disciplinary reports -- Confidentiality -- Immunity.
18.71.021License required.
18.71.040Application -- Fee.
18.71.050Application -- Eligibility requirements -- United States and Canadian graduates.
18.71.051Application -- Eligibility requirements -- Foreign graduates.
18.71.055Schools of medicine -- Requirements for approval.
18.71.060Record of proceedings of commission and of applications.
18.71.070Examination -- Record.
18.71.080License renewal -- Human trafficking information -- Continuing education requirement -- Failure to renew, procedure.
18.71.085Inactive licenses -- Renewal -- Application of disciplinary provisions.
18.71.090License without examination -- Reciprocity -- National board examinees -- Fee.
18.71.095Limited licenses.
18.71.100Applicability of health regulations.
18.71.190False personation.
18.71.200Emergency medical service personnel -- Definitions.
18.71.205Emergency medical service personnel -- Certification.
18.71.210Emergency medical service personnel -- Liability.
18.71.212Medical program directors -- Certification.
18.71.213Medical program directors -- Termination -- Temporary delegation of authority.
18.71.215Medical program directors -- Liability for acts or omissions of others.
18.71.220Rendering emergency care -- Immunity of physician or hospital from civil liability.
18.71.230Disciplinary action against persons exempt from licensure.
18.71.240Abortion -- Right to medical treatment of infant born alive.
18.71.300Impaired physician program -- Definitions.
18.71.310Impaired physician program -- License surcharge -- Payment of funds.
18.71.315Impaired physician account -- Created.
18.71.320Impaired physician program -- Procedures.
18.71.330Impaired physician program -- Evaluation of physician.
18.71.340Impaired physician program -- Entity records protected.
18.71.350Report of malpractice payments by insurers.
18.71.360Driving records.
18.71.401Funds collected -- Where deposited.
18.71.420Allocation of all appropriated funds.
18.71.430Secretary and commission relationship.
18.71.440Commission to consider amending rules -- Retired active physicians.
18.71.450Pain management rules -- Repeal -- Adoption of new rules.
18.71.460Commission -- Information to legislature.
18.71.910Repeal -- 1909 c 192.
18.71.920Repeal -- 1957 c 60.
18.71.930Severability -- 1957 c 60.
18.71.940Severability -- 1961 c 284.
18.71.941Severability -- 1975 1st ex.s. c 171.

     Reviser's note: Certain powers and duties of the department of social and health services and the secretary of social and health services transferred to the department of health and the secretary of health. See RCW 43.70.060.

Abortion: Chapter 9.02 RCW.

Accepted medical procedures not to include adjustment by hand of any articulation of the spine: RCW 18.25.005.

Actions against, limitation of: RCW 4.16.350.

Actions for negligence against, evidence and proof required to prevail: RCW 4.24.290.

Audits and investigations: RCW 74.09.290.

Crimes relating to pregnancy and childbirth: RCW 9A.32.060.

Health care assistants: Chapter 18.135 RCW.

Health professions account -- Fees credited -- Requirements for biennial budget request -- Unappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.

Homeless person vision services: RCW 43.20A.800 through 43.20A.850.

License of doctors as event physician for contestants in boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and wrestling events: RCW 67.08.090.

Lien of doctors: Chapter 60.44 RCW.

Rebating by practitioners of healing professions prohibited: Chapter 19.68 RCW.

Regulation of practice of medicine and surgery, sale of drugs and medicines: State Constitution Art. 20 § 2.