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Chapter 12.40 RCW


RCW Sections

12.40.010Department authorized -- Jurisdictional amount.
12.40.020Action -- Commencement -- Fee -- Surcharge.
12.40.025Transfer of action to small claims department.
12.40.027Removal to superior court -- Restrictions -- Simultaneous maintenance of claims -- Joinder of claims on appeal.
12.40.030Setting case for hearing -- Notice -- Time of trial.
12.40.040Service of notice of claim -- Fee.
12.40.045Recovery of fees as court costs.
12.40.050Requisites of claim.
12.40.060Requisites of notice.
12.40.070Verification of claim.
12.40.090Informal pleadings.
12.40.100Payment of monetary judgment.
12.40.105Increase of judgment upon failure to pay.
12.40.110Procedure on nonpayment.
12.40.120Appeals -- Setting aside judgments.
12.40.800Small claims informational brochure -- Preparation and distribution.