Chapter 468-305 WAC

Last Update: 12/2/15

GENERAL PROVISIONSChapter 468-305WSR 11-07-039, filed 3/14/11Effective date read "this WAC rule takes effect upon the date specified in the certification by the secretary of transportation that the new statewide tolling operations center and photo toll system are fully operational as described in the note following RCW 47.56.795. The notice of certification and effective date will be filed with the code reviser for publication in the State Register." until WSR 11-24-042, filed on 12/2/11 at 2:20 p.m., which made the effective date 12/3/11 at 12 a.m.

WAC Sections

468-305-002What is the purpose of these rules?
468-305-100What toll payment methods are available on WSDOT toll facilities?
468-305-105What can I do to arrange for toll payment before I use a toll facility?
468-305-125Is there a way for me to pay the toll after I drive on a toll facility before I get a toll bill?
468-305-131What happens when I use a toll facility but do not have an account or I have insufficient funds in my account?
468-305-133What should I do once I receive a toll bill in the mail?
468-305-136What happens if I do not pay or dispute my toll charge?
468-305-150What can I do once I received a notice of civil penalty?
468-305-152What can I do if I dispute my tolls, fees and/or civil penalty?
468-305-160What can I do if I want to pay the tolls but dispute a fee or civil penalty?
468-305-200Are any vehicles exempt from paying a toll?
468-305-210What is required for a qualified vehicle to claim an exemption?
468-305-220How are rental car transactions processed?
468-305-300How can I open a Good To Go!™ toll account?
468-305-315How do I replenish my account?
468-305-316What happens if my payment does not go through when opening or replenishing an account?
468-305-320What are the various statuses that my account could be in?
468-305-330How can I get a refund if I close my Good To Go!™ account?
468-305-340In what order will my payment be applied to what I owe in toll charges?
468-305-350What happens if my check does not clear my bank?
468-305-400What forms of payment will be accepted by the customer service center?
468-305-410What toll payment methods are accepted at the TNB toll booths?
468-305-526What happens once my dispute is received?
468-305-527What happens if I disagree with the outcome of my dispute?
468-305-528What happens if I request an in-person hearing?
468-305-529How will I be notified of the hearing decision?
468-305-540What information about my toll charges is available prior to the administrative hearing or submission of a written dispute?
468-305-542What evidence will be before the administrative law judge at the hearing or when reviewing the written dispute and waiver of hearing?
468-305-560What is the final order?
468-305-570When is payment due if I am found to have committed the toll violation?
468-305-580How do I find out if a hold has been placed on my vehicle registration renewal?
468-305-582How do I pay amounts forwarded to a collection agency?
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