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Chapter 463-30 WAC


WAC Sections

Council conducted hearings and administrative law judges.
Status of members in adjudicative proceedings.
Definitions—Persons and parties.
Commencement of adjudicative proceedings.
Provisions regarding limited English-speaking and hearing impaired persons.
Publicity—Commencement of adjudicative proceedings.
Participation by intervenor.
Participation by county, city and port district representatives.
Appearance and practice before the council.
Format, filing and service of documents.
Discovery practice.
Official notice.
Official notice—Evaluation of evidence.
Stipulations of fact.
Alternative dispute resolution.
Settlement consideration procedure.
Council discretion to accept or reject a proposed settlement or other agreement.
Prehearing conference.
Hearing schedule guidelines.
Rules of evidence.
Preparation of recommendation to the governor.
Petition for reconsideration of recommendations to the governor.
Recommendation—Transmittal to governor.
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