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Quarterly reporting requirements.

For as long as securities issued under the crowdfunding exemption in RCW 21.20.880 remain outstanding, the issuer shall provide a quarterly report to the issuer's shareholders by making such report publicly accessible, free of charge, at the issuer's internet web site address within forty-five days of the end of each fiscal quarter. The report must contain the following information:
(1) Executive officer and director compensation, including specifically the cash compensation earned by the executive officers and directors since the previous report and on an annual basis, and any bonuses or other compensation, including stock options or other rights to receive equity securities of the issuer or any affiliate of the issuer, received by them;
(2) The names of the issuer's owners of twenty percent or more of a class of outstanding securities, directors, officers, managing members and/or other persons occupying similar status or performing similar functions on behalf of the issuer;
(3) A brief analysis by management of the issuer of the business operations and financial condition of the issuer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 21.20.450, 21.20.880, 21.20.883, 21.20.886, and 2014 c 144. WSR 14-21-001, ยง 460-99C-180, filed 10/1/14, effective 11/1/14.]
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