Chapter 308-93 WAC

Last Update: 10/9/13


WAC Sections

Vessels subject to excise tax, registration and titling exemptions.
Vessels from out-of-state operating in this stateNonresident vessel permit required.
Out of country vessel operating in this stateVessel visitor permit required.
Registration period.
Application for certificate of ownershipAccompanied by.
Application for certificate of ownership/registration.
Class "A" and Class "B" certificate of ownership.
Vessel brands and comments.
Temporary use of an unregistered vessel.
Government exempt vessels.
Disclosure of names and addresses of individual vessel owners.
Disclosure violations, penalties.
Lists of registered and legal owners of vesselsFurnished for certain purposesPenalty for unauthorized use.
Leased or rented vessels.
DecalsPlacement, size, and color.
Vessel registration numbersDisplay, size, color.
Vessel carbon monoxide warning sticker.
Excise tax exemptionsIndians.
Involuntary transfer of a vessel.
Department may refuse or cancel certificates.
Procedure for perfecting security interest.
Undercover and confidential vessel registrationApplication procedures.
Undercover/confidential vessel registrationAgency contact.
Undercover or confidential vessel registrationsVessel inventory.
Undercover or confidential vessel registrationsCancellation.
Appeals to superior court from suspension, cancellation, or refusal of registration or certificate of ownership.
Abandoned vessels.
Vessel seller's report of sale.
Hull identification numbers.
Vessel length measurement.
Dealer temporary permits to operate vessels.
Erasures and alterations and incorrect information.
Application for certificate of ownership required.
Format required for name and addressNames separated by the words "and," "or," or the slash symbol (/).
Format required for name and addressOwnership in joint tenancy.
Vessels held in trust.
Multiple security interests.
Ownership in doubtBonded title or three-year registration without title.
Personal property lienChattel.
Personal property lienLandlord's lien for rent.
Personal property lienSelf-service storage facilities.
Signature of owner on applicationExceptions.
Release of interest.
Certification of signatures.
Law enforcement sale.
Name change.
Transfer by court order.
Owner deceased.
Owner incompetentRelease of interest.
Owner bankruptRelease of interest.
Title purpose only.
Indian tribe vessels.
Indian tribe exempt vessels.
Indian tribe vessel numbering system.
Indian tribe vessel registration.
Improper Indian tribe registration.
Indian tribe vessel computer data base.
Disclosure of Indian tribal vessel data.