Chapter 296-54 WAC

Last Update: 3/18/14


WAC Sections

Scope and application.
Employer's responsibilities.
Employee's responsibility.
Personal protective equipment (PPE).
Head protection.
Eye and face protection.
Hearing protection.
Hand protection.
Respiratory protection.
Leg protection.
Foot protection.
Highly visible clothing.
Arrangement of work areas and emergency contact.
Accident prevention program.
Safety and health meetings.
First-aid training.
First-aid kits.
Lockout/tagout procedures.
Miscellaneous requirements.
Motor vehicles.
Inspection and repair of equipment and vehicles.
Seat belts.
Overhead electrical lines clearance.
Truck roads.
Road pioneering and earthwork.
Hand and portable powered tools.
Chain saws.
Falling and buckingGeneral.
Falling and buckingFalling.
Falling and buckingBucking.
Falling and buckingDanger trees.
Falling and buckingSpringboards and tree jacking.
Tree pulling.
Mechanized falling.
Climbing equipment and passline.
RiggingHanging blocks.
Chokers and butt rigging.
Selecting spar, tail and intermediate support trees.
Raising and lowering portable spars or towers.
Metal spars.
Metal spar guyline safety straps.
Wire rope.
Wire ropeCutting.
Wire ropeSplicing.
Wire ropeAttaching end fastenings.
Guying tail/lift trees.
Intermediate support trees.
Rigging skylines.
Releasing spiked guylines and spiked skylines from anchors.
Logging machinesGeneral.
Logging machinesChipping in woods locations.
Logging machinesExhaust pipes.
Logging machinesGlass.
Logging machinesBrakes.
Logging machinesOutriggers.
Logging machinesHydraulics.
Logging machinesA-frames.
Logging machinesMoving.
Logging machinesTractors and skidders.
Logging machinesProtective structures for operators.
Landing area.
Yarding, skidding, landing.
Log decks.
Helicopter loggingGeneral.
Helicopter loggingLanding.
Helicopter loggingYarding.
Helicopter loggingFueling area.
Loading logs.
Tongs, hooks, grapples.
Cross-haul systems.
Self-loading log trucks.
Log trucksGeneral.
Log trucksBrakes.
Log trucksTrailer hitches and safety chains.
Log trucksReaches and bunks.
Log trucksStakes, stake extensions and chock blocks.
Log trucksWrappers and binders.
Log trucksMiscellaneous requirements.
Log trucksSteered trailers.
Stationary log truck trailer loading.
Log unloading, booms, and rafting groundsStorage and sorting areasGeneral.
Log unloading, booms, and rafting groundsWater dumps.
Log unloading, booms, and rafting groundBoom and rafting grounds.
Log unloading, booms, and rafting groundsBoats and mechanical devices on waters.
Log unloading, booms, and rafting groundsDry land sorting and storage.
Transporting crews.
Speeders used to transport crews.
Trailers used to transport crews.
Railroad construction and maintenance.
Railroad operations.
Railroad maintenanceLoading or unloading.
Signals and signal systems.
Electric signal systems.
Radio signaling permits.
Radio systems used for voice communication, activation of audible signals, or control of equipment.
Radio signal systemsSpecifications and test procedures.
Wood spar trees.
Wood spar treesGuylines.
Wood spar treesPasslines.
Wood spar treesStraps.
Truck and equipment maintenance shops.
Labor camps.
Appendix 1Signals.
Appendix 2Sample minimum lockout/tagout procedure.
Appendix 3Industry consensus standards.
Appendix 4Various types of cable logging systems.
Appendix 5Wooden tree yarding and loading systems.