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Classification 6504.

6504-00 Stores: Charitable or welfare
Applies to those employees of a charitable or welfare organization who are engaged in operating a store. Stores of this type usually deal in used merchandise such as, but not limited to, clothing, household appliances, toys, housewares, furniture, and garden tools that has been donated to the organization. Work contemplated by this classification includes, but is not limited to, the collection of donated items from locations away from the store, conditioning donated items, stocking and cleaning the store, and cashiering. Conditioning is limited to cleaning, reupholstery work, and minor repairs; it does not include major mechanical repairs or refinishing furniture.
This classification excludes establishments engaged in repairing and selling used appliances which are to be reported separately in classification 0607; and all other employees of the charitable or welfare organization not employed in the store who are to be reported separately in the classification applicable to the work performed.
Special note: Clerical office and outside sales employees may be reported separately provided all the conditions of the general reporting rules covering standard exception employees have been met.
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