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Classification 6205.

6205-00 Clubs, N.O.C.
Applies to establishments engaged in operating clubs not covered by another classification (N.O.C.). Types of clubs contemplated by this classification include, but are not limited to, fraternal, special interest, or social clubs and clubs whose interests revolve around sports activities such as golf, tennis, boating, skiing, fishing, and swimming. The facilities and services offered vary depending on the type and size of the club. Even in an organization that has several locations, the facilities may vary greatly from a simple bar and snack food operation to a large restaurant with dancing areas, gymnasiums, and saunas. These types of clubs charge membership fees and dues as opposed to clubs or halls in classification 6607 which are open to the public. This classification includes all food and beverage operations.
This classification excludes YMCAs and boys/girls clubs which are to be reported separately in classification 6203; health clubs and gymnasiums which are to be reported separately in classification 6204; golf courses which are to be reported separately in classification 6206; and community and social centers which are to be reported separately in classification 6607.
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