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Classification 6108.

6108-00 Convalescent or nursing homes, rest homes, and homes for the aged
Applies to establishments engaged in providing various levels of health care, depending on a patient's needs. Convalescent or nursing homes are state-licensed institutions. The extent of professional or medical services provided ranges from complete medical care for postoperative patients and patients requiring extensive nursing care due to illnesses such as terminal cancer, kidney disorders, and heart disease, to only minimal medical or professional care for other patients. Rest homes provide daily living assistance care to the aged or those with some limits on ability for self-care, but where medical care is not yet a major element. Homes for the aged provide care for people who, due to illness, physical infirmity, or advanced age, are unable to care for themselves and who need nursing and/or health-related care, but do not require the degree of care and treatment that a skilled or intermediate care facility is designed to provide. Patients in homes for the aged, because of their mental or physical condition, require some nursing care, including the administering of medications and treatments, or the supervision of self-administered medications in accordance with a physician's orders. Generally these homes will employ therapists, registered nurses, practical nurses, nurses aides and orderlies to provide the necessary medical care to their patients. The homes also may employ cooks, waitresses, maids, maintenance personnel, social workers and recreational directors, but usually do not employ a resident physician, although they may have arrangements with physicians who are on call for emergencies.
This classification excludes boarding houses which are to be reported separately in classification 6509.
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