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Last Update: 8/9/05

Chapter 296-16 WAC


WAC Sections

What is the department's "preferred worker" program?
Who may be certified as a "preferred worker"?
For purposes of the "preferred worker" program, who is the "employer of record"?
How does a worker apply for "preferred worker" certification?
Who certifies industrially injured or ill workers as "preferred workers"?
How long does a worker's "preferred worker" certification last?
Will the department grant a worker "preferred worker" certification under multiple open claims at the same time?
Which employers are eligible to benefit from the "preferred worker" program?
What benefits do eligible employers receive from the "preferred worker" program?
What must an employer do to qualify for benefits when hiring or reemploying a "preferred worker"?
Where may an employer obtain an Intent to Hire Preferred Worker form?