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Chapter 296-14 WAC


WAC Sections

Definition of voluntary retirement.
Definition of gainful employment for wage.
Waiver of recovery for worker compensation benefits overpayments.
Mental condition/mental disabilities.
When does a presumption of occupational disease for firefighters apply?
Does the presumption apply to current smokers with heart or lung conditions?
When does the presumption apply to former smokers with heart or lung conditions?
What tobacco use shall exclude a firefighter from a presumption of coverage?
Claim allowance and wage determination in occupational disease cases.
Reopenings for benefits.
Reduction, suspension, or denial of compensation as a result of noncooperation.
What does the term "willful misrepresentation" mean with regard to the receipt of workers' compensation benefits?
For purposes of determining willful misrepresentation, what does the term "specific intent" mean?
What is meant by "work-type activity"?
What are considered as "wage replacement benefits"?
How does the department calculate the amount of overpayment charged to a claimant when a determination of "willful misrepresentation" has been made in initial claim adjudication?
How does the department calculate the amount of overpayment charged to a claimant when a determination of "willful misrepresentation" has been made after initial claim adjudication?
How are penalties determined?
When may the department impute wages in cases where willful misrepresentation has been determined?
How will imputed wages be determined?
Payment of benefitsAggravation reopening/new injury.
Why is it important to establish the worker's monthly wage?
What does the term "wages" mean?
How do I determine whether an employer provided benefit qualifies as "consideration of like nature" to board, housing and fuel?
Is the value of "consideration of like nature" always included in determining the worker's compensation?
How do I determine the value of a benefit that qualifies as "consideration of like nature"?
Is overtime considered in calculating the worker's monthly wage?
Payment of benefits on asbestos-related disease claims.
What is a residence modification?
What is the residence modification benefit?
Which workers may be eligible to receive benefits for residence modifications?
Which residences may be eligible to be modified?
When may the worker request residence modification benefits?
What is the maximum amount of the residence modification benefit?
Can the worker receive additional modification benefits for the same residence?
Can a worker receive residence modification benefits for more than one house?
How can a worker begin the process of requesting residence modification benefits?
How does the department or self-insured employer determine the worker's residence for purposes of residence modification?
What type of residence may the department or self-insured employer modify?
What is a residence modification consultant, and how are they involved in the process of residence modification?
Will the department pay for professional services needed to design a residence modification?
What must the worker submit to the department in a completed request for a residence modification?
What other information must be submitted to the department in a completed application for a residence modification?
Who will approve or deny a request for residence modification?
What will the supervisor consider when approving or denying a residence modification request?
What happens if the residence modification costs exceed the maximum benefit?
Can a worker apply the residence modification benefit to the cost of building a new residence?
How is a worker advised that the supervisor has approved or denied the request for residence modification benefits?
Who receives payment from the department?
Pension tables, pension discount rate and mortality tables.
Authority to use special assistant attorneys general.
Lists of special assistant attorneys general.
Qualifications of special assistant attorneys general.
Applying for special assistant attorney general.
Removal of special assistant attorneys general.
Attorney's fees.
Worker's review of claim file.
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