Chapter 9.01 RCW


Citizen immunity if aiding officer, scopeWhen.
Omission, when not punishable.
Civil remedies preserved.
Sending letter, when complete.
Application to existing civil rights.
Conviction of lesser crime: RCW 10.61.010.
Employment of prisoners by county sheriff: RCW 36.28.100.
Forfeiture or impeachment rights preserved: RCW 42.04.040.
Former acquittal or conviction: Chapter 10.43 RCW.
Indians, jurisdiction in criminal and civil causes: Chapter 37.12 RCW.
Intent to defraud, proof: RCW 10.58.040.
Juvenile offenders, commitment: Chapters 13.04, 13.34 RCW.
Neglect of duty by public officer: RCW 42.20.100.
Presumption of innocence: RCW 10.58.020.
Prosecuting attorneys, duties in general: Chapter 36.27 RCW.
Self-incrimination: RCW 10.52.090.
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