Chapter 8.04 RCW


Condemnation final actionsNotice requirements.
Petition for appropriationContents.
Adjournment of proceedingsFurther notice.
HearingOrder adjudicating public use.
Order to direct determination of damages and offsetting benefits.
Order for immediate possessionPayment of tender into court.
Determination of adequacy of paymentJury trialCosts.
Demand for trialTime of trialDecree of appropriation.
Acquisition when several ownerships.
Acquisition when several ownershipsPublic use.
Acquisition when several ownershipsSelection of single jury.
Cases may be consolidated for trial.
TrialDamages to be found.
Damages to buildings.
Damages to buildingsWhere based on readjustment or moving.
JudgmentDecree of appropriationRecording.
Payment of damagesEffectCostsAppellate review.
Claimants, payment ofConflicting claims.
Appellate review.
Award, how paid into court.
Condemnation for military purposes.
Condemnation for military purposesConstruction.
Additional provisions applicable to eminent domain proceedings: Chapter 8.25 RCW.
Appointment of guardian ad litem for minors, incapacitated persons: RCW 8.25.270.
City streets as state highwaysRights-of-way: RCW 47.24.030.
Condemnation of blighted property: Chapter 35.80A RCW.
Department of ecology: RCW 43.21A.450, 43.21A.610 through 43.21A.642.
Department of fish and wildlifeAcquisition of propertyCondemnationWhen authorized: RCW 77.12.037.
Department of transportationAirports, facilities: RCW 47.68.100, 47.68.120.
Joint operating agency: RCW 43.52.391.
Mt. St. Helens recoveryDepartment of transportation: RCW 43.01.210.
Parks and recreation commission: RCW 79A.05.030(7).
Puget Sound ferry and toll bridge system: RCW 47.60.020.
Quinault Tribal Highway: RCW 47.20.725.
Relocation assistance: Chapter 8.26 RCW.
State agency housing: RCW 43.82.030.
State highways: Chapter 47.12 RCW.
Tidelands, shorelands, oyster reservesDepartment of natural resources: RCW 79.110.350.
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