Chapter 70.345 RCW


Types of licensesApplicationsLicense expiration and display.
License requiredMust allow inspectionsSale of certain substances prohibitedPenalties.
Licensing feeDistributors.
Licensing feeRetailers.
Licensing feeDelivery sales.
Retail signage.
Product labeling.
Vendor assistance required for salesException.
Mail and internet salesLicense requiredAge and identity verificationPenaltiesEnforcementApplication of consumer protection actRules.
Product tastingsRequirementsPenalty.
Coupons for free of charge products.
Verification of agePermitted forms of identificationDefense.
Child-resistant packaging requiredPenalty.
Purchase or possession by persons under eighteenPenaltyJurisdiction.
Use of products in public placesWhen prohibited.
EnforcementAuthority of liquor and cannabis boardDetention to determine identity and ageInspectionsProducts injurious to health.
EnforcementLicense suspension and revocationAppeal.
EnforcementPenalties, sanctions, and actions against licensees.
Disposition of license fees and monetary penalties.
State preemptionExceptions.
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