Chapter 7.05 RCW


Scope of application.
Definitions and rules of interpretation.
International origin and general principles.
Receipt of written communications.
Waiver of right to object.
Extent of court intervention.
Court authority for certain functions of arbitration assistance and supervision.
Arbitration agreementDefinition and form.
Arbitration agreementSubstantive claim before court.
Arbitration agreementInterim measures by court.
Number of arbitratorsImmunity.
Appointment of arbitrators.
Disclosure requirementsGrounds for challenge.
Challenge procedure.
Failure or impossibility to act.
Appointment of substitute arbitrator.
Competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its own jurisdiction.
Power of arbitral tribunal to order interim measures.
Conditions of granting interim measures.
Application for preliminary ordersConditions for granting preliminary orders.
Procedures for preliminary ordersExpiration of preliminary orders.
Modification, suspension, termination of preliminary orders.
Provision of security.
Costs and damages.
Recognition and enforcement of interim measures.
Grounds for refusing recognition and enforcement.
Court-ordered interim measures.
Equal treatment of parties.
Determination of rules and procedure.
Place of arbitration.
Commencement of arbitral proceedings.
Language used in proceedings.
Statement of claim and defense.
Hearings and written proceedings.
Default of a party.
Expert appointed by arbitral tribunal.
Court assistance in taking evidenceConsolidation.
Rules applicable to substance of dispute.
Decision making by panel of arbitrators.
Form and contents of award.
Termination of proceedings.
Correction and interpretation of awardAdditional award.
Application for setting aside as exclusive recourse against arbitral award.
Recognition and enforcement.
Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement.
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