Chapter 6.17 RCW


RCW Sections

6.17.010Application of chapter to district courts.
6.17.020Execution authorized within ten years -- Exceptions -- Fee -- Recoverable cost.
6.17.030Execution in name of assignee or personal representative.
6.17.040Stay of execution -- Bond -- Time periods.
6.17.050Stay of execution -- Judgment against surety on bond if not paid.
6.17.060Kinds of execution.
6.17.070Execution in particular cases.
6.17.080Enforcement of judgment against local governmental entity.
6.17.090Property liable to execution.
6.17.100Affidavit of judgment creditor -- Filing required before issuance of writ -- Contents.
6.17.110Form and contents of writ.
6.17.120Sheriff's duty on receiving writ -- Order of executing writs.
6.17.130Sheriff's execution and service of writ -- Sale date -- Notice to judgment debtor.
6.17.140Sheriff's execution of writ -- Satisfaction of judgment -- Proceeds to clerk -- Distribution of proceeds.
6.17.150Clerk's duty on receipt of execution proceeds.
6.17.160Sheriff's execution of writ -- Manner of levy.
6.17.170Levy on jointly owned real estate.
6.17.180Levy on jointly owned personal property.
6.17.190Retention of property by judgment debtor -- On bond or approval of judgment creditor.