Chapter 53.34 RCW


Toll bridges, tunnels authorizedHighway approachesTolls proposed.
Contracts for use of projectsRegulationsControversies.
Revenue bonds and notesAuthorizedPurposesSale, maturity, cost.
Revenue bonds and notesResolutionSecurityForm, interest, payment, etc.
Covenants to safeguard and secure bonds and notes.
Bonds and notes payable solely from revenues, etc.Adequate rates and charges to be established.
Special funds and accountsDisposition.
Pledge of moneys, when bindingWhen lien attaches.
No personal liability on bonds or notes.
District may purchase bonds or notes.
State not to limit or alter rights of district or impair rights or remedies of bond or note holders.
Bonds, notes, obligations not state or district debtNo ad valorem taxes.
Registration of bonds and notesPrima facie validity.
Bonds and notes as legal investment and security.
Projects declared public benefit and governmental functionCovenant by state with bond and note holdersTax exemption.
District's power to acquire property, rights, etc.GiftsCondemnationContracts by public agencies authorized.
Public agencies authorized to contract with district for contribution of money, property, services, etc.
Bylaws, rules for management, uses, chargesPenalty for violation.
Actions for damages, injuries, deathAllegation in complaint of presentment of claim.
Chapter supplemental to other lawsLiberal construction.
Chapter controls inconsistent acts.
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