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RCW 47.66.030

Regional mobility grants.

(1) The department shall establish a regional mobility grant program. The purpose of the grant program is to aid local governments in funding projects such as intercounty connectivity service, park and ride lots, rush hour transit service, and capital projects that improve the connectivity and efficiency of our transportation system. The department shall identify cost-effective projects that reduce delay for people and goods and improve connectivity between counties and regional population centers. The department shall submit a prioritized list of all projects requesting funding to the legislature by December 1st of each year.

     (2) The department may establish an advisory committee to carry out the mandates of this chapter.

     (3) The department must report annually to the transportation committees of the legislature on the status of any grants projects funded by the program created under this section.

[2005 c 318 § 4; 1996 c 49 § 3; 1995 c 269 § 2604; 1993 c 393 § 5.]


     Findings--Intent -- 2005 c 318: See note following RCW 47.01.330.

     Effective date -- Part headings not law -- Severability -- 1995 c 269: See notes following RCW 18.16.050.