Chapter 44.28 RCW


Committee createdMembers.
Terms of membersVacancies.
Travel expenses.
Expenses of committeeVouchers.
Executive committeeLegislative auditorRules, subcommittees.
Legislative auditorDuties.
Conduct of performance audits.
Performance auditsScope.
PowersAppropriations, expenses, revenues.
Performance audit work plans.
Performance audit reportsPreliminary, final.
Compliance reportsPreliminary and final.
Quality control review of joint committee.
Agency and local government reports furnished to joint committee.
Reports, minutes.
ExaminationsSubpoenasDepositionsAccess to confidential records.
Contempt proceedingsRecalcitrant witnesses.
Witness fees and mileage.
Cooperation with legislative committees and others.
WorkFirst program evaluation.
Education performance agreement pilotEvaluation.
School district health benefitsReviewRecommendationsPerformance grantsReport.
Legislation affecting persons with mental illnessReport to legislature.
Review of distributions to cities and countiesReport.
Review of governor's interagency coordinating council on health disparitiesReport to the legislature.
Review of impact fee deferral requirements.
Tuition-setting authoritySystemic performance audit.
Review of office of privacy and data protection.
Severability1951 c 43.
Director of financial management: Chapter 43.41 RCW.
Evaluation of opportunity scholarship and opportunity expansion programs: RCW 28B.145.080.
Loan program for mathematics and science teachersReview of: RCW 28B.15.766.
Personal service contracts, filing with joint legislative audit and review committee required: Chapter 39.26 RCW.
Review of motion picture competitiveness program: RCW 43.365.050.
Review of state-funded programs that serve unaccompanied homeless youth: RCW 43.330.717.
State budgeting, accounting, and reporting: Chapter 43.88 RCW.
Study of funds related to state transportation programs: RCW 43.88.125.
Sunset review process: Chapter 43.131 RCW.
Termination of tax preferences: Chapter 43.136 RCW.
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