Chapter 36.61 RCW


Creation of districtSpecial assessments or rates and charges.
Creation of districtDuration.
Creation of districtResolution or petitionContents.
Creation of districtPublic hearingNoticeContents.
Creation of districtPublic hearingAmendments to original plan.
Creation of districtPublic hearingLegislative authority may delegate responsibility.
Creation of districtSubmittal of question to landowners.
Creation of districtSubmittal of question to landownersMail ballot.
Creation of districtSubmittal of question to landownersBallotingConditions.
Creation of districtSubmittal of question to landownersMajority vote requiredAdoption of ordinance.
Creation of districtLimitations on appeals.
Limitation on special assessments, rates, and charges.
Special assessment rollAdoptionPublic hearing.
Special assessment rollPublic hearingLegislative authority may delegate responsibilityAppeals.
Special assessment rollPublic hearingNoticeContents.
Special assessment rollAppeal to superior and appellate courtsProcedure.
Special assessmentsCalculation.
Special assessmentsLimitations.
Special assessmentsModification.
Special assessmentsCollectionNotice.
Special assessmentsPayment periodInterest and penalty.
Special assessmentsSubdivision of landSegregation of assessment.
Special assessmentsFiling with county treasurer.
Special assessmentsLien created.
Special assessmentsLienValidityForeclosure.
Special assessmentsLegislative authority may stopExceptions.
Imposition of rates and charges.
Beach management districtsPurposePlan.
Acquisition of real property or property rightsLimitations and requirements.
Acquisition of real property or property rightsCounty authority.
DissolutionProcedure and conditions.
Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Boat trailer fee: RCW 46.17.305.
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