Chapter 36.102 RCW


Public stadium authorityCreationPowers and dutiesTransfer of property.
Public stadium authorityBoard of directorsAppointmentTermsVacancyRemoval.
Public stadium authority advisory committeeAppointmentReview and comment on proposed lease agreement.
Public stadium authorityPowers and dutiesAcquisition, construction, ownership, remodeling, maintenance, equipping, reequipping, repairing, and operation of stadium and exhibition centerContracts and agreements regarding ownership and operationEmployees unclassifiedSupplemental public works contracting proceduresCharges and feesGifts, grants, and donationsPrevailing wage and women and minority-business participation.
Public stadium authorityPowers and dutiesSiteProject scopeDesign and specificationUse of professional servicesBudgetFinancing structureDevelopment agreementLease agreementProfit-sharing discussionMaster tenant funds for Olympics and world cupStadium schedulingSuper Bowl acquisitionMitigationDemolition filmingPermanent seat licenses.
Deferral of taxesApplication by public stadium authorityDepartment of revenue approvalRepaymentSchedulesInterestDebt for taxesInformation not confidential.
Naming rightsUse of revenues.
Donated moneys.
Construction agreementsProperty assemblyDemolition of existing structures.
Property acquisition and sale.
Public stadium authority board of directorsTravel and business expensesResolution on payment and proceduresOperating budget report.
Public stadium authority officers and employeesExpenses.
Public stadium authority board of directorsCompensationWaiver.
Public stadium authorityLiability insurance.
Public stadium authorityDefense of suit, claim, or proceeding against officer or employeeCostsAttorneys' feesObligationException.
Information preparation and distribution.
Public stadium authorityEmployee positionsWages and benefitsInsurance of employees, board members.
Public stadium authoritySecuring servicesService provider agreementResolutions setting procedures.
Public stadium authorityConfidentiality of financial information.
Referendum only measure for taxes for stadium and exhibition centerLimiting legislation upon failure to approve1997 c 220.
Legislation as opportunity for voter's decisionNot indication of legislators' personal vote on referendum proposal1997 c 220.
ContingencyNull and voidTeam affiliate's agreement for reimbursement for election1997 c 220.
ReferendumSubmittalExplanatory statementVoters' pamphletVoting proceduresCanvassing and certificationReimbursement of counties for costsNo other elections on stadium and exhibition center1997 c 220.
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