Chapter 35.49 RCW


Collection by city treasurerNotices.
InstallmentsNumberDue date.
Ordinance to prescribe time of paymentInterestPenalties.
Payment without interest or penalty.
Prepayment of installments subsequently due.
Payment by city or town.
Payment by county.
Payment by metropolitan park district.
Payment by joint owner.
Payment in errorRemedy.
Record of payment.
Tax liensCity may protect assessment lien at foreclosure sale.
Tax liensPayment by city after taking property on foreclosure of local assessments.
Tax title propertyCity may acquire from county before resale.
Tax title propertyDisposition of proceeds upon resale.
Acquisition of property by state or political subdivisions which is subject to unpaid assessments and delinquencies.
Prepayment of taxes and assessments: RCW 35.21.650.
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