Chapter 35.34 RCW


Legislative intent.
Application of chapter.
Biennial budget authorizedLimitations.
Budget estimatesSubmittal.
Budget estimatesClassification and segregation.
Proposed preliminary budget.
Preliminary budget.
Budget messageHearings.
BudgetNotice of hearing.
BudgetMid-biennial review and modification.
Emergency expendituresNondebatable emergencies.
Emergency expendituresOther emergenciesHearing.
Emergency expendituresWarrantsPayment.
Registered warrantsPayment.
Adjustment of wages, hours, and conditions of employment.
FormsAccountingSupervision by state.
FundsLimitations on expendituresTransfers and adjustments.
Administration, oversight, or supervision of utilityReimbursement from utility budget authorized.
Liabilities incurred in excess of budget.
Funds received from sales of bonds and warrantsExpenditure programFederal tax law.
Revenue estimatesAmount to be raised by ad valorem taxes.
FundsQuarterly report of status.
Contingency fundCreation.
Contingency fundWithdrawals.
Unexpended appropriations.
Violations and penalties.
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