Chapter 30A.49 RCW


State bank to resulting national bankLaws applicableVote requiredTermination of franchise.
State or national bank to resulting state bankLaw applicable to nationals.
Merger to resulting state bankExceptionAgreement, contents, approval, amendment.
Merger to resulting state bankStockholders' voteNotice of meetingWaiver of notice.
Merger to resulting state bankEffective dateTermination of chartersCertificate of merger.
Conversion of national to state bankRequirementsProcedure.
Resulting bank as same business and corporate entityUse of name of merging, converting bank.
Rights of dissenting shareholderAppraisalAmount due as debt.
Provision for successors to fiduciary positions.
Assets, businessTime for conformance with state law.
Resulting state bankValuation of certain assets limited.
Resulting bank has branches inside and outside of stateApplicationDefinitionsCombination or purchase and assumption requires director's approvalDeposit concentration limits.
Severability1955 c 33.
Reorganization as subsidiary of bank holding company: RCW 30A.04.550 through 30A.04.570.
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