Chapter 3.66 RCW


RCW Sections

3.66.010Powers of district court.
3.66.020Civil jurisdiction.
3.66.030Restrictions on civil jurisdiction.
3.66.040Venue -- Civil action.
3.66.050Transfer of proceedings.
3.66.060Criminal jurisdiction.
3.66.065Assessment of punishment.
3.66.067Assessment of punishment -- Suspension or deferral of sentence -- Dismissal of charges.
3.66.068Assessment of punishment -- Suspension or deferral of sentence -- Terms.
3.66.069Assessment of punishment -- Revocation of deferred or suspended sentence -- Limitations -- Termination of probation.
3.66.0691Sentencing -- Crimes against property -- Criminal history check.
3.66.070Venue -- Criminal actions -- Temporary venue.
3.66.080Criminal venue corrected.
3.66.090Change of venue.
3.66.100Territorial jurisdiction -- Process -- Limitation.
3.66.110Advertising authority to solemnize marriages is breach of judicial ethics.
3.66.120Court-ordered restitution -- Enforcement.
3.66.130Court-ordered restitution--Payment.
3.66.140Offender supervision by another state.


Removal of certain civil actions to superior court: Chapter 4.14 RCW.