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Chapter 28A.600 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.600.006Condensed compliance reports -- Second-class districts.
28A.600.010Enforcement of rules of conduct -- Due process guarantees -- Computation of days for short-term and long-term suspensions.
28A.600.015Rules incorporating due process guarantees of pupils with regard to expulsions and suspensions.
28A.600.020Exclusion of student from classroom -- Written disciplinary procedures -- Long-term suspension or expulsion.
28A.600.022Suspended or expelled students -- Reengagement plan.
28A.600.025Students' rights of religious expression -- Duty of superintendent of public instruction to inform school districts.
28A.600.030Grading policies -- Option to consider attendance.
28A.600.035Policies on secondary school access and egress.
28A.600.040Pupils to comply with rules and regulations.
28A.600.045Comprehensive guidance and planning programs for students.
28A.600.050State honors awards program established -- Purpose.
28A.600.060State honors awards program -- Areas included.
28A.600.070State honors awards program -- Rules.
28A.600.080State honors awards program -- Materials -- Recognition by business and industry encouraged.
28A.600.100Washington scholars' program -- Purpose.
28A.600.110Washington scholars' program -- Established -- Scope.
28A.600.120Washington scholars' program -- Administration -- Cooperation with other agencies.
28A.600.130Washington scholars' program -- Planning committee -- Composition -- Duties.
28A.600.140Washington scholars' program -- Principals' association to submit names to office of student financial assistance.
28A.600.150Washington scholars' program -- Selection of scholars and scholars-alternates -- Notification process -- Certificates -- Awards ceremony.
28A.600.160Educational pathways.
28A.600.190Youth sports -- Concussion and head injury guidelines -- Injured athlete restrictions -- Short title.
28A.600.200Interschool athletic and other extracurricular activities for students -- Authority to regulate and impose penalties -- Delegation of authority -- Conditions.
28A.600.205Interscholastic activities -- Appeals from noneligibility issues -- Appeals committee -- Appeals to Washington interscholastic activities association executive board -- Limitations on penalties and sanctions.
28A.600.210School locker searches -- Findings.
28A.600.220School locker searches -- No expectation of privacy.
28A.600.230School locker searches -- Authorization -- Limitations.
28A.600.240School locker searches -- Notice and reasonable suspicion requirements.
28A.600.280Dual credit programs -- Annual report.
28A.600.285Dual credit programs -- Impact on financial aid eligibility -- Guidelines.
28A.600.290College in the high school program -- Rules.
28A.600.300Running start program -- Definition.
28A.600.310Running start program -- Enrollment in institutions of higher education -- Student fees -- Fee waivers -- Transmittal of funds -- Report on program financial support.
28A.600.320Running start program -- Information on enrollment.
28A.600.330Running start program -- Maximum terms of enrollment for high school credit.
28A.600.340Running start program -- Enrolled students not displaced.
28A.600.350Running start program -- Enrollment for secondary and postsecondary credit.
28A.600.360Running start program -- Enrollment in postsecondary institution -- Determination of high school credits -- Application toward graduation requirements.
28A.600.370Running start program -- Postsecondary credit.
28A.600.380Running start program -- School district not responsible for transportation.
28A.600.385Running start program -- Cooperative agreements with community colleges in Oregon and Idaho.
28A.600.390Running start program -- Rules.
28A.600.400Running start program -- Existing agreements not affected.
28A.600.405Participation in high school completion pilot program -- Eligible students -- Funding allocations -- Rules -- Information for students and parents.
28A.600.410Alternatives to suspension -- Encouraged.
28A.600.420Firearms on school premises, transportation, or facilities -- Penalty -- Exemptions.
28A.600.455Gang activity -- Suspension or expulsion.
28A.600.460Classroom discipline -- Policies -- Classroom placement of student offenders -- Data on disciplinary actions.
28A.600.475Exchange of information with law enforcement and juvenile court officials -- Notification of parents and students.
28A.600.480Reporting of harassment, intimidation, or bullying -- Retaliation prohibited -- Immunity.
28A.600.485Restraint of students with individualized education programs or plans developed under section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973 -- Procedures -- Definitions.
28A.600.486District policy on the use of isolation and restraint -- Notice to parents and guardians of children who have individualized education programs or plans developed under section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973.
28A.600.490Discipline task force -- Development of standard definitions -- Development of data collection standards -- Membership -- Statewide student data system revision.

Uniform minor student capacity to borrow act: Chapter 26.30 RCW.