Chapter 28A.235 RCW


Superintendent of public instruction authorized to receive and disburse federal funds.
Payment of costsFederal food services revolving fundDisbursements.
Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
Acquisition authorized.
Contracts forOther law applicable to.
Advancement of costs from revolving fund moneysReimbursement by school district to include transaction expense.
Revolving fund created.
Revolving fundAdministration of fundUseSchool district requisition as prerequisite.
Revolving fundDepositories for fund, bond or security forManner of payments from fund.
Suspension of laws, rules, inconsistent herewith.
Meal programsEstablishment and operationPersonnelAgreements.
Milk for children at school expense.
School breakfast programs.
School breakfast and lunch programsUse of state funds.
School breakfast and lunch programsGrants to increase participationIncreased state support.
Federal summer food service programAdministration of fundsGrants.
Requirements to implement school breakfast, lunch, and summer food service programsExemptions.
Washington grown fresh fruit and vegetable grant program.
Food donation and distributionLiability: Chapter 69.80 RCW.
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