Chapter 19.146 RCW
Findings and declaration.
Exemptions from chapter.
Loan originator, mortgage brokerProhibitionsRequirements.
Written disclosure of fees and costsRulesContentsLock-in agreement termsExcess fees limited.
Written contract requiredContract entered by loan originator binding on mortgage brokerWritten loan broker agreement required.
Moneys for third-party provider services deemed in trustDeposit of moneys in trust accountUse of trust accountRulesTax treatment.
Accounting requirements.
Fee, commission, or compensationWhen permitted.
Borrowers unable to obtain loansMortgage broker to provide copies of certain documentsConditionsExceptions.
Fiduciary duties.
Violations of chapterApplication of consumer protection act.
Financial interest in a mortgage brokerProhibited practices.
Criminal penalty.
Mortgage broker or loan originatorLicense requiredSuit or action for collection of compensationDesignated broker required.
LicenseApplicationApplicant to furnish information establishing identityBackground checkFeeBond or alternative.
LicenseRequirements for issuanceDenialValiditySurrenderInterim licenseRules.
Continuing educationRules.
Informal settlement of complaints or enforcement actionsDirector's discretion.
DirectorPowers and dutiesViolations as separate violationsRules.
Action by directorHearingSanction.
DirectorAdministration and interpretation.
DirectorRule-making powers.
DirectorLicensing rules and interim procedures.
Cease and desist orderAction to enjoin and enforce.
Administrative procedure act application.
Subpoena authorityApplicationContentsNoticeFees.
Director's authority to conduct investigations and examinationsRulesPenalty.
DirectorPowers under chapter 19.144 RCW.
ViolationsClaims against bond or alternative.
Authority restricted to person named in licenseExceptions.
Registered agent for brokers without physical office in stateVenue.
Branch officesFeeLicensesRules.
Loan originator licenseApplicationApplicant to furnish information establishing identificationBackground checkFeesRules.
Loan originator licenseRequirements for issuanceDenialValidityExpirationSurrenderInterim license.
Loan originator licenseNot assignable.
Loan originator licenseTest.
Loan originator applicants.
Loan originatorsContinuing educationRequirements.
Residential mortgage loan modification servicesWritten fee agreementLimitation on feesRules.
Third-party residential mortgage loan modification services providersDutiesRestrictions.
Mortgage loan originatorLicense requiredNationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.
Director's dutyProcess to challenge informationNationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.
Disclosure of informationPrivilegeConfidentialityExceptions.
Director's authority to contractRecords and fees.
Mortgage brokersCall reportsLicensing system and registry.
Director's authorityViolation and enforcement reporting.
Short title.
Effective dates1994 c 33.
Implementation of act2006 c 19.
Effective date2006 c 19.
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