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Inspector of funeral establishments, crematories, directors, and embalmersAppointmentEligibilityTermPowers and duties.

There shall be appointed by the director an agent whose title shall be "inspector of funeral establishments, crematories, funeral directors, and embalmers of the state of Washington." No person shall be eligible for such appointment unless he or she has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer in the state of Washington, with a minimum experience of not less than five consecutive years.
(1) The inspector shall:
(a) Serve at the pleasure of the director; and
(b) At all times be under the supervision of the director.
(2) The inspector is authorized to:
(a) Enter the office, premises, establishment, or place of business, where funeral directing, embalming, or cremation is carried on for the purpose of inspecting the premises;
(b) Inspect the licenses and registrations of funeral directors, embalmers, funeral director interns, and embalmer interns;
(c) Serve and execute any papers or process issued by the director under authority of this chapter; and
(d) Perform any other duty or duties prescribed or ordered by the director.
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