Chapter 18.100 RCW


Legislative intent.
Short title.
Application of chapter to previously organized corporations.
Organization of professional service corporations authorized generallyArchitects, engineers, and health care professionalsNonprofit corporations.
Rendering of services by authorized individuals.
Authority of directors, officers to render same services as corporation.
Professional relationships and liabilities preserved.
Engaging in other business prohibitedInvestments.
Stock issuance.
Validity of share voting agreements.
Legal qualification of officer, shareholder or employee to render professional service, effect.
Sale or transfer of shares.
Merger or consolidation.
Death of shareholder, transfer to ineligible personTreatment of shares.
Eligibility of certain representatives and transferees to serve as directors, officers, or shareholders.
NameListing of shareholders.
Application of Business Corporation Act and Nonprofit Corporation Act.
Nonprofit professional service corporations formed under prior law.
Business corporations, election of this chapter.
Professional servicesDeletion from stated purposes of corporation.
Improper conduct not authorized.
Doctor of osteopathic medicine and surgeryDiscrimination prohibited.
Foreign professional corporation.
Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.
Revolving fund of secretary of state, deposit of moneys for costs of carrying out secretary of state's functions under this chapter: RCW 43.07.130.
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