Chapter 11.98 RCW


Trust situs and governing law.
Trust creationMethods.
Application of chapter.
Trust creationRequirements.
Trust creationOther jurisdictions.
Trust creationAllowable purposes.
Trust creationOral trusts.
Noncharitable trusts without ascertainable beneficiaries.
Exercise of powers by co-trustees.
TrusteeshipAccepting and decliningPowers without acceptance.
Relinquishment of powers by trustee.
Resignation of trustee.
Nonjudicial change of trusteeJudicial appointment or change of trusteeLiability and duties of successor fiduciary.
Change of trusteeDischarge of outgoing trustee, when.
Criteria for transfer of trust assets or administration.
Nonjudicial transfer of trust assets or administrationNoticeConsent required.
Judicial transfer of situs of trusts.
Power of successor trustee.
Change in form of corporate trustee.
Power of trustee.
Trustee's delegation of duties.
TrusteeNotification requirements.
Certification of trust.
Trustee duty of loyalty.
Consolidation of trusts.
TrusteeBreach of trustDamages.
Nonliability for action or inaction based on lack of knowledge of events.
Nonliability of third persons without knowledge of breach.
Trustee exculpation.
Nonliability of trusteeBeneficiary's consent, release, or ratification.
Contract and tort liability.
Rule against perpetuities.
Distribution and vesting of assets.
Distribution upon termination.
Distribution of assets after one hundred fifty-year period.
Effective date of irrevocable inter vivos trustEffective date of revocable inter vivos or testamentary trust.
Designation of trustee as beneficiary of life insurance policy or retirement planDetermination of proper recipient of proceedsDefinitionsBeneficiary designations executed before January 1, 1985, not invalidated.
Beneficiary trusteeLimitations on power.
Beneficiary trusteeDisregard of provision conferring absolute or similar powerPower of removal.
Beneficiary trusteeInferences of lawJudicial review.
Beneficiary trusteeIncome under marital deductionSpousal power of appointment.
Beneficiary trusteeApplicabilityExceptionsElection of exceptionCause of action.
Application of RCW 11.98.130 through 11.98.160.
Short title.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
Assignment for the benefit of creditors: Chapter 7.08 RCW.
Assignments to trustees, priority of wages: RCW 49.56.010.
Banks and trust companies: Title 30A RCW.
endowment and nonendowment care: Chapter 68.40 RCW.
endowment care fund: Chapter 68.44 RCW.
Conveyances and encumbrances of realty when held in trust: RCW 64.04.010.
powers of trust companies, bond liability, securities, etc.: RCW 30A.08.150 through 30A.08.170.
seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
articles to state if trust company: RCW 30A.08.020.
sole, property held in trust: RCW 24.12.030.
Costs against trustees, civil actions: RCW 4.84.150.
Employee benefit plans, trusts, duration, etc.: Chapter 49.64 RCW.
Employees' benefit deductions from wages are trust funds: RCW 49.52.010.
Execution against property in trustee's hands: RCW 6.17.110.
Fiduciary bonds: RCW 48.28.020.
Gifts for benefit of trust: RCW 11.12.250.
Guardianship: Chapters 11.88, 11.92, 73.36 RCW.
deposits held in trust: RCW 48.16.020, 48.16.070.
trustee group life insurance: RCW 48.24.070.
Investment of trust funds: Chapter 11.100 RCW.
Investment of trust funds in certain federally secured obligations: RCW 39.60.010.
Loan agencies: Title 31 RCW.
Loans to officers of trust corporation from trust funds prohibited: RCW 30A.12.120.
Mandamus: Chapter 7.16 RCW.
Married persons and domestic partners, property rights and liabilities: Chapter 26.16 RCW.
Massachusetts trusts: Chapter 23.90 RCW.
Mortgages and trust receipts: Title 61 RCW.
Partnerships: Title 25 RCW.
Personal property: Title 63 RCW.
Pleadings, setoff against beneficiary or trustee of trust estate: RCW 4.32.120, 4.32.140.
Powers of appointment, powers in trust: Chapter 11.95 RCW.
Private seals abolished: RCW 64.04.090.
Proceedings to impeach: RCW 42.04.040.
Prohibition: Chapter 7.16 RCW.
Property taxes
exemptions: Chapter 84.36 RCW.
generally: Title 84 RCW.
Prudent person rule: Chapter 11.100 RCW.
Recording, county auditor's duties: Chapter 65.04 RCW.
Recording and publication: Title 65 RCW.
Registration of land titles
assurance fund not liable for breach by trustee: RCW 65.12.700.
encumbrances by trust deeds: RCW 65.12.420 through 65.12.450.
fee for transfer in trust: RCW 65.12.790.
transfers between trustees: RCW 65.12.490.
transfers in trust: RCW 65.12.480.
trustee may register land: RCW 65.12.500.
trustees and receivers: RCW 65.12.600.
Resulting state bank, provisions when not exercising trust powers: RCW 30A.49.100.
Retail sales tax, "buyer" includes trust, business trust, etc.: RCW 82.08.010.
Savings banks
limitation on deposits: RCW 32.12.010.
not to locate in same room with trust company: RCW 32.04.030.
State depositaries: Chapter 43.85 RCW.
Statute of frauds: Chapter 19.36 RCW.
Trust business to be kept separate: RCW 30A.04.240.
Trust companies
capital requirements: RCW 30A.08.010.
limitation to act as executor or administrator: RCW 11.36.010.
Trust company
as legal representative, advertising: RCW 30A.04.260, 30A.12.130.
defined: RCW 30A.04.010.
Trust provisions may relieve trustee from duty, restriction, or liability imposed by statute: RCW 11.97.010.
Trustees' accounting act: Chapter 11.106 RCW.
Trusts and monopolies: State Constitution Art. 12 § 22.
Unclaimed property in hands of city police: Chapter 63.32 RCW.
common trust fund act: Chapter 11.102 RCW.
transfers to minors act: Chapter 11.114 RCW.
unclaimed property act: Chapter 63.29 RCW.
Use tax, "purchaser" includes trust, business trust, etc.: RCW 82.12.010.
Washington savings association act: Title 33 RCW.
Washington savings bank act: Title 32 RCW.
Wills, generally: Chapter 11.12 RCW.
Witnesses, competency in actions involving fiduciaries: RCW 5.60.030.
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