Chapter 10.88 RCW
Authority of governor.
Demand for extraditionRequirements.
Investigation of demandReport.
Return or surrender of person charged in another state.
Surrender of person charged with crime committed in state other than demanding state.
Warrant of arrest.
Authority of officer or other person under warrant.
Authority to command assistance.
Rights of person arrested.
Delivery of person in violation of RCW 10.88.290Penalty.
Confinement of prisoner.
Charge or complaintWarrant of arrest.
Arrest without warrant.
Preliminary examinationCommitment.
Failure to make timely arrest or demand for extradition.
Failure to appearBond forfeitureArrestRecovery on bond.
Pending criminal prosecution in this state.
Recall or reissuance of warrant.
Demand by governor of this state for extraditionWarrantAgent.
Application for requisition for return of personContentsAffidavitsCopies.
Delivery without governor's warrant.
Civil processService on extradited person.
Waiver of extradition.
Rights, powers, privileges or jurisdiction of state not waived.
Trial for other crimes.
Extradition or surrender of obligorUniform interstate family support act.
Construction1971 ex.s. c 46.
Short title.
Effective date1971 ex.s. c 46.
Fugitives of this state: Chapter 10.34 RCW.
Interstate compact on juveniles: Chapter 13.24 RCW.
Return of parole violators from another state: RCW 9.95.280 through 9.95.300.
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