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PDFWAC 381-100-260

Hearing procedures—Continuances.

(1) Any party to a community custody board violation hearing who desires a continuance shall notify the board in writing and state the reasons why the continuance is necessary. If represented by counsel, all continuance requests must come from the representing counsel.
(2) Requests for continuances must arrive at the board offices in Olympia not less than twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled hearing. The presiding officer shall consider whether the request was timely and made for good cause and whether the offender will be substantially prejudiced in the presentation of their defense.
(3) The board may continue a hearing on its own motion if local prosecution is pending or if other circumstances require rescheduling.
(4) The board will notify all parties when continuances are granted.
(5) During a community custody board violation hearing, the presiding officer may, in their discretion or upon motion of counsel, continue the hearing for the introduction of additional evidence, presentation or argument.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.220 (1)(b). WSR 09-08-109, § 381-100-260, filed 3/31/09, effective 5/1/09.]
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